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Maximize the output of
your staff via tracking

A close tracking of staff without increasing spend will result in client satisfaction.

Precise Location Tracking

  • Staff can mark attendance only when at location
  • No restriction on number of times for location marking
  • Manage units and locations by yourself

Field Office Services

  • Field Officer may flag incidents in real time
  • Movement of Field Officer will be tracked
  • Precise checklist helps in covering all the check points


  • Client's app facilitate sharing tracking reports
  • Bills and dues can be shared with clients
  • Notification can be triggered for followup

Enhance Productivity

  • Remote monitoring improves productivity and attendance.
  • Lowers number of field officers monitoring field force
  • Remain informed about happenings in field

Instant Updates to Clients

Clients are many times questioning the availability of security
Staff at location and ask for action taken on their complaints

Reports of QR swipes can be made available to clients.


Run client specific reports.


Send billing notifications and track complaints.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Higher management can actively track the status of their workforce.

  • Higher management can track the workforce from anywhere.
  • Reports can be scheduled for their availability.
  • Operations Staff can be more productive reducing the operations cost.

Functions For Field Officers

  • Attendance Verification
  • Incident reporting
  • Capture Video / Photo evidence
  • Duty schedule creation and tracking
  • Staff Productivity tracking
  • Planning and adherence of training schedules
  • Manage meeting minutes
  • Track briefing meets with field staff and share
  • photo evidence

Control Activities

  • The activities of field officers can be planned and tracked.
  • Staff training can be planned and tracked.
  • Remain updated about the location of your staff.
  • Keep Client updated about the activities of staff providing them the services.

Monitor From Remote

  • Track Attendance
  • Know ‘who is where’
  • Realtime tracking of incidents
  • Workforce Tour management
  • Hire new workforce at the field keeping
  • administrative office informed
  • Transfers workforce to handle immediate scenario
  • Manage activities or workforce in Command Center
  • Quick response to emergencies
  • Access to data for analytics

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